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Office Policies

Appointments and Payment: All services are provided by appointment only. McLean Psychiatric Services LLC does not participate in commercial insurance plans and payment is due at the time of service. Upon request, we can provide a superbill receipt to patients which they can use to file an out-of-network claim to their insurance companies to obtain reimbursement for Dr. Kim’s services.

Dr. Kim is a Medicare Provider but he is not taking any new Medicare patients at this time.  Patient who obtain Medicare during treatment with Dr. Kim must inform him of this as he can then bill Medicare for his services.

Appointment times held for patients are not available for other patients. If patients no-show to or do not cancel within 24 hours of their appointments, they will be charged Dr. Kim’s FULL FEE for the missed appointment.

If patients repeatedly no-show, cancel their appointments, or are non-compliant with treatment, then they may risk being discharged from the practice. In order to remain an active patient at the practice and receive appropriate monitoring of their treatment, patients need to make and attend scheduled appointments.

Confidentiality: The practice respects the privacy of my medical information in accordance with federal and state law. The major exceptions to patient confidentiality, as outlined in the HIPAA privacy practices document, which include but are not limited to cases where a patient may be at risk to harming themselves or others, or in cases of child or elder abuse.

Prescriptions: McLean Psychiatric Services LLC and electronic medical record system may get data regarding my medication history from pharmacies and data regarding controlled substance prescriptions that may be held by the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program.

Refills are generally provided during appointments. If refills are needed between appointments, medications will be sent to the pharmacy within 2 business days of my request to allow for enough supplies until the next appointment. Lost controlled substance prescriptions will not be replaced. Patients should call the office directly to request refills as Dr. Kim does not do refill requests faxed by pharmacies.

Forms: I understand that forms and letters (e.g. for disability, school/work) brought to Dr. Kim will be charged according to the time involved per Dr. Kim’s average hourly rate and will be given an estimate of this fee prior to being charged. Dr. Kim does not provide any forensic or court-related documentation.

Communication: Dr. Kim has an electronic medical record system that allows patients to send messages and documents securely. It is recommended that patients use this system. However, if I wish to communicate with Dr. Kim via email or text, then patients should limit the disclosure of personal health information or for urgent matters as they need to be aware that these ways of communication are inherently not secure.

Patients should primarily call the office at 703-336- 2406 to schedule appointments or discuss administrative or clinical matters. Dr. Kim or his staff generally return calls within 1 business day. If patients are experiencing an emergency, or cannot wait for a return phone call, they should go directly to the emergency room or call 911.
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